mardi 22 décembre 2009

Lipsynch 2008

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  1. ...tain y a plein de poste Mcguff :)
    Tu pars à Viborg quand alors? tu vas trop kiffer c'est mortel, si tu croises un espagnol qui s'appelle Angel tu lui touches le cul de ma part, ct mon coloc làbas, il est trop fort.
    profitez bien

  2. Michaël, I really like your work! Both 2D and 3D! Great blog overall, glad I found it! I love SuperStreetZine too!
    Sorry, mais je ne peut pas écrire sans fautes en français, hope english is ok too. :)

  3. Thanks Martin, English is no problem. Funny you liked Superstreetzine ^^ Hope you enjoyed the concept.

  4. Yes, I really enjoy the concept, I myself had failed to come up with a concept for a community blog with some friends for a long time, and since I'm a huge Street Fighter fan it knocks my socks off that I did not have your idea, i'm so envious of you guys!! :D
    Are you still running it? My french is not good enough to understand the last post. And by the way: is it "friends-only"? Or do you accept others too?


  5. I accept other after you pass various series of tests.... Kidding, it s open you can post your drawings, I ll send you a member invitation so you can upload it yourself.
    By the way, the last post says that a V 2.0 is coming, it will better looking soon ^^

  6. Thanks very much Michaël!

    Looking forward to V2.0 and by the way do you have a list of the tests I need to pass? ;P

    See ya at Superstreezine! :)